Qualifier 1

September 6th – 10th

Qualifier 2

September 13th – 17th

Qualifier 3

September 20th – 24th

The workouts will be released at 7PM on the 6th / 13th / 20th via Live Announcement.

The Athlete Registration will be open until September 6th 2018.


If you are a member of an affiliate your score may be validated by your coach or box owner. For unaffiliated competitors please submit a video submission.

RX or Scaled?

There will only be ONE Division – RX 

All Athletes qualifying for the Final will compete on three Days in Bielefeld, yet there will be a cut at some point.

Rules & Requirements:

  • Athletes must register online and pay the €10 registration fee.
  • Athletes must complete three online qualifier workouts.
  • Athletes must submit a validated score and a video submission for the three online qualifiers.
  • The Halfway There Throwdown Team reserve the right to disqualify an athlete based on their own reviewal process, should they find any violation of the rules stated or any violation of sportsmanship.
  • There is no limit to the amount of athletes who can participate in the qualifiers.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable
  • Registration remains open until just before the deadline for the first qualifier.
  • There is no Age limit, yet you must be 18+ years old in order to participate